Community Engagement

Community engagement is about identifying the needs and barriers within our  community and finding equitable solutions by fostering collaboration, and ultimately creating a more culturally inclusive and thriving society.

Community Engagement Initiatives

Our programming specializes in decreasing food insecurity, bridging the gap to community accessibility for diverse populations, and supporting family units to make healthier, more active lifestyle choices.

Connection to Resources

We assist in connecting low-wealth individuals and families in marginalized communities with the support and resources available through collaborations with local government entities, businesses and other non-profits.

Community Connections

We connect individuals with resources to help strengthen families, promote community engagement, and foster cultural, disability and linguistic inclusion.


We implement intentional collaborations with organizations and community-based entities to increase registration accessibility to SNAP, WIC, CAPS, Medicaid, TANF, etc.

You can find us sharing information on Live Like Locals Savannah in English and Live Like Locals Latinos in Spanish.